Our story

Bardet (spelt Bardê) was created at the beginning of 2020 as a world pandemic evolved around the globe. The project had been in the back of our minds for the past 4 years when we started selling latex resistance bands over OLX - little did we know that home-working would become the new normal and would allow us to have more free time on our hands to bring this project to life.
Our goal is to motivate everybody to workout: the better quality products you have, the more you will feel compelled to use them and exercise. Growing up we were never too fond of working out - and we know how much having the right equipment back then would have changed our mindsets.
To start off our brand, we created anti-slip fabric resistance bands of different strength levels and unique patterns designed from scratch in our hometown of Lisbon, Portugal. Learning to use design tools was one of the biggest struggles as neither of us have a design background and to stand out, we knew we had to offer a distinctive blend of quality and style. But we also wanted to make them affordable and make sure that they were tested throughout months to ensure their high-quality - the learning curve was quite steep.
Fast forward almost almost half a year and Bardet was born. We aim to provide the best quality & most stylish products the fitness industry has ever seen at affordable prices. 
It's time for you to join us and improve your fitness journey too! 
Ps. If you speak Portuguese, and would like to get to know our story a little bit more in depth, check out the article NIT wrote about us: