How many resistances do you offer?

Two resistances: standard light/medium (12-16kg) and heavy (18-23kg).

What resistance should I purchase?

We suggest beginner & intermediate levels always start out with standard light to medium resistance, but you can use either resistance as it may depend on what type of exercises you'll be using the band for as well as your fitness level. One thing to take into consideration is that our heavy resistance bands are really, (really!) heavy.

Can I return or exchange my items?

Yes, please visit our refund policy page for more information. 

How can I wash my bands?

If you need to wash your band, we recommend using a cloth soaked in warm water. Kindly note that this should not be done often as all patterns are prints so they may come off.

Is there a latex grip on the inside of your bands?

No, our bands have an anti-slip material to prevent them from rolling or moving during your workout. Kindly note that this may vary according to the fabric of your workout clothes. 

Can my ankle straps be adjusted?

Yes. Our ankle straps have velcro on the inside so you can adjust them.

Can I use my ankle straps at the gym?

Yes. Our ankle straps come with a carabiner so you can use them on the cable machine. They also come in pairs to make the most of your workout time.

What sort of packaging do you use?

We use biodegradable shipping bags to ship our products. Your bands will come in a reusable plastic case.

What lengths do your bands come in?

Our regular glute bands are 32*8cm and our long bands 100*3cm.

What can I use your long bands for?

In our opinion, long bands are the most versatile bands as you can use them for upper and lower body exercises. Please refer to our highlight "workout" on instagram for exercise inspiration. 

How long does it take to ship my order?

Please refer to our shipping policy for all information.

Do you offer restocks?

Depends on the collection and the product itself. We always recommend purchasing an item when it comes out, as it may not be restocked.

Do you personalize bands?

No, we are not a manufacturer of personalized bands.

Are you establishing any partnerships at the moment?

We have a very close bond with our current partners and affiliates, so we are currently not looking for any other partnerships. However, if you feel like you can bring something unique to the table, send us a message on instagram or an email with your media kit and presentation!